Things change so that we can change.
Circumstances shift so that our view can shift.
All the while as we move along we don’t realize that we’re all made up of the people we meet and the situations we find ourselves in.
Not defined by them, just shaped by them.
And we can choose to let the people and the circumstances make us or break us,
but the choice is entirely ours.
What has happened to us is not more powerful than what Jesus did for us and what He can do through us, despite what the odds are stacked against us.
So, we suffer and we crawl, we’re beaten and we’re bruised.
Life takes it’s best shot and the blow knocks us straight off our feet.
But then, then we rise. Then we become stronger.
Because being knocked down doesn’t mean being permanently disabled, maybe just temporarily numb.
And then there are the other seasons where the good things flow so fluently you’re almost afraid to embrace them for the fear of something going wrong and cutting off the gift giving flow.
But they’re always there, the gifts. It’s just a matter of seeing them.
All of these things, these situations, these people that surround us…
The ones that stay and the ones that leave, the ones that love and the ones that wound, the ones that push us towards our very best  or make us question our very own self-worth…
This is what we’re made of.
Defined by the cross, empowered through the cross, enabled because of the cross, but built by our experiences.
They show us exactly who it is we do or don’t want to be, and through that help us become whatever it is we’re striving for.
Thank God for change. For second chances. For shifts in view that not only alter the way we see other people, but the way we see ourselves.
After the shift, when we see ourselves for who we really are, then comes change.

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