In Christ Alone

Ever since the beginning of high-school, I can remember so many people saying, “The only thing (or person) that can fill the void in your heart is Jesus.”

I think people say that so frequently to high-schoolers because that’s the phase of life not only where our searching really begins, but where it’s most evident. It’s apparent that teenagers will use drugs and alcohol and partying and unhealthy relationships to satisfy sinful cravings and give themselves a quick fix. It’s so dangerous.

What’s even more dangerous, though, is that we never outgrow it. You may outgrow the drinking and the partying, but you never outgrow the void. Because there’s only one way it can be filled. So we start trying to fill it with good things, promising things. A good job, a nice car, a credible degree, lots of friends, a committed relationship. But none of these things fill the void.

Deep down at the root of it all, the good things become bad things because we use them in place of the best thing.

And in reality, we’re still in square one because we’re trying to cure a disease with all the wrong medicines.

They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served the created things rather than the Creator…
Romans 1:25

While I’ve never done drugs or consumed alcohol or been ten feet within a party, I’ve still found myself in that place of trying to fill the void. Putting on a front like I’m the most content person in the world and life couldn’t be better. When in fact, there are moments when I deliberately have to make the choice to choose joy and flat out say, “I’m choosing You.” Honestly, trying to manipulate the situation so that things play out the way I want them to, that’s much more appealing. But it doesn’t really satisfy. My flesh tells me it will, but deep down my spirit knows it won’t. And there are times when I’m in this constant war with myself to let go and let God instead of hold on and stress out.

And right here looking at the moment directly in front of me, because that’s all I can see, what’s right in front of me…He whispers to my heart, “Are you going to trust me?”

My head knows that He knows best. His plan is so much bigger and greater than anything I could dream up or think to ask for. But it’s convincing my heart to rest in Him during the in-between, can’t-see-what’s-coming, seasons. It’s a moment by moment step of action.

Restless is our heart until it comes to rest in Thee. – Augustine

We hear talk of radical abandonment and what it looks like to truly follow Jesus, while we steadily shape Him into this comfortable Being who would never challenge us or push us out of our comfort zones. In our minds we make Him who we want Him to be out of fear that He will ask us to do something we don’t want to do or give up something we don’t want to let go of. Here’s the thing – authentically loving Jesus means abandoning everything else (even the good things) and radically living for Him. Radically living means radically trusting, because the only way you could live radical is if you trust. Trust lets Him fill the void.

So when you don’t land the job or you lose the one you have, your treasure is in heaven and His eye is on the sparrow. When you have this unexplainable passion well up inside of you for a certain cause, let it ignite your soul like wildfire and take action. When the relationship ends or never happens, Jesus wants all of you for Himself even if you are in a relationship. When the kids don’t obey. When the bills pile up. When the dream He’s given you seems too far away to reach.
He’s enough. He’s always enough. Be brave. Be bold. Live free. In Christ alone.

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