Stop hiding your brokenness.

Recently, the Lord has been impressing on my heart the way that we try to hide our heartaches and failures to prevent other people from thinking that because we are flawed or a particular area of our life seems to be falling apart, we somehow don’t love Jesus enough or have as much faith as we should. The more I began opening up about my anxiety, I was utterly shocked by the amount of people who not only struggle with anxiety, but also panic attacks. No one talks about it, and no one would ever bring it up until I did. More than that, I was also shocked by the healing that began to take place when people realized for the first time that they’re not alone.

What foolishness to care so much about what other people think that we can’t even be honest about who we are or where we’re at. If we are not being honest about who we are and where we’re at, then we most certainly cannot be honest about who God is. And I think it’s important to note here that where we are doesn’t define who we are, but it does shape us and give us perspective. So, if people can’t love you through your valley, then really, you shouldn’t care too much about their opinion anyway.

Our brokenness not only points us to our need for Christ and allows Christ to work in us in a way He can’t when pride is in the way, but it also helps others know that they don’t suffer alone.

Do you realize that by hiding your brokenness, you are literally hurting others? By saving yourself the “embarrassment” of confessing that you don’t have it all together, that you have broken pieces and messy places and unhealed wounds – you’re sending the message that because other people have all of those things, they’re abnormal. That they need to get it together and fix things, as opposed to you letting them know that you have broken pieces and messy places and unhealed wounds too.

It’s a process. We’re all in this thing together, just walking each other home, helping each other along the way. A part of that means carrying each others burdens so that they’re not so heavy, but you can never get the help you need if no one knows you need it. And you can never be that help to someone else if they feel they can’t be honest.

And so instead of rallying around each other, lifting each other up onto higher ground and closer to Jesus, we stand with our hands lifted high and our hearts closed off pretending like grace gives us perfection. How selfish. How prideful. How hypocritical. Jesus came to be with the people who were in this place…the “sick”. And yet, we’re trying with everything in us to not be those people, or open up to them about what’s really going on. We’re living lies and we don’t even realize it.

You are the person Jesus came for, and He came for all of you. To rescue you from all of your brokenness, your failures, your wounds, and your regrets. He came to heal and restore. He wouldn’t love you any more if you had it all together, and He doesn’t love you any less because you don’t. He came for you just as you are. And if you can’t be honest with others about where that is, then quite frankly, you are watering down redemption and glamorizing the gospel. How will others ever know the power and hope of Christ despite the craziness of this life if we keep it hidden?

Stop hiding your brokenness.

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