What are you exchanging your life for?

I have realized recently that very frequently people point out to me how much work it takes to play a fundamental role in a non-profit organization. They are constantly encouraging me and thanking me and telling me that the sacrifices everyone on our team makes do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. That we are doing important work. When I reflect on this, it seems very strange. I begin to ponder if maybe there is a reason I’m not more stressed or ready to throw in the towel. But it has since dawned on me – I was created for this. This hardly feels like work because it is a calling. I love this work. I believe in this work. And I would give up a higher pay check, a Saturday afternoon to a speaking engagement sharing the ministry with others, endure long days and late nights hosting events to try and gain support. Because they’re right – this is important work. This is kingdom work. And it takes every part of the body of Christ functioning in it’s proper place to make it happen. I am honored, humbled, privileged, and blessed to exchange this season of my life for all that God is using me for in this place.

So I ask you, what is it that you could do every day and not feel like you’re working? We all have important work to do. With that work, we all have our moments. We all feel at times like we could break down and fall apart because the load is too heavy and we are too weak. But what causes you to rely on a strength outside of your own? What fires you up deep into the marrow of your bones and reaches the corners of your soul that are so tucked away you practically forget they exist? What leaks into those out of reach places and penetrates your every thought by seeping into the rhythm of your heartbeat. So much so it’s like your heart bleeds for that cause. I believe we all have something. I believe that something can change with seasons. And I believe the ultimate something at all times is Jesus, because He is the root of it all and the purpose behind anything and everything that has meaning.

Maybe it’s waking up everyday running on less than enough sleep, but making the choice to pour into your kids and mold their hearts because the thing that burns deep within you is the flame you are passing onto them – lighting little arrows to send into a dark and hopeless world.

Maybe it’s choosing to intentionally talk with the co-worker you would much rather avoid, because you know that those who need love the most are those who give it the least.

Maybe it’s visiting a nursing home on a regular basis to bring a smile to the faces of those who feel like they have lost all their value.

Maybe it’s working in a hospital with kids who have cancer to help them see that they are tiny heroes, much braver than they realize.

Maybe it’s mentoring high-schoolers, helping them see beyond the moment directly in front of them and into the potential God has for them.

Maybe it’s taking in the foster child who has never known love, feeding the homeless man, listening to a friend without feeling the need to fix their situation, or saying “Thank you.” to someone who willingly puts their life on the line for your safety.

It can be something drastic that impacts your life, or it can be tiny little moments that drastically impact your life. Maybe even both.

I don’t know what it is for you. But I would encourage you to find it. Because there is nothing like living out the purpose you were created and equipped for. Surprisingly enough, on the other side of our fear is LIFE. Life abundantly. And I am fully convinced that as long as we stay in the safe comfort zone, where our hands don’t shake and our heart beat remains steady and calm and the butterflies in our stomach remain motionlessly paralyzed, we will never know what it is like to be fully alive.

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