Living Like Jesus is Dead

Whatever the vulnerable place is, that’s what Satan’s going to attack.
For so long I have fought this lingering, taunting fear in the back of my mind that cancer will start growing in my body again.
Maybe for you it’s that you have no value because you gave yourself away before you were married. Or, that you’ve given more of yourself away than you’re proud of and one day you’re going to have to apologize to your spouse for that.
You’re ashamed of the way you look every time you see yourself.
You try and you try but you still snap in the heat of the moment.
You’re not sure exactly who you are because no one’s ever truly loved you.
You’ve been chasing after God for answers and you feel like you’re wasting time talking into space.

Of course I combat my fear by telling myself that fear is no way to live. But what helps me truly overcome this, I mean really destroy the seed of doubt in my heart, is not only by understanding that Satan is doing everything in his power to prevent my heart from being full of faith, but not allowing him to take a foothold. When we allow fear or doubt and lies of the enemy to creep into the tiny spaces of our heart, that is space that is no longer filled with faith making us less connected to the God we love and less effective for His Kingdom. This is Satan’s goal.

Listen to me, friend. You are not defined by these moments.

These seemingly disastrous events that we feel we will never come back from or move out of, that’s what Jesus came for. You want to know why Jesus didn’t just take our place on the cross and die for our sins? You want to know why that wasn’t enough for Him, why He rose from the grave too? Because it wasn’t good enough for Him that our sins were paid for, He wanted His explosive power released in our lives so that our ugly stuff could be overcome.

It’s not only about the removing of stains, it’s about the saturating in victory.

It’s not enough for you to live dead in your failures. He died to make you alive.

I fall so short. I snap and break and try too hard just to fall so far away from where I want to be. And I think about how often I live like the resurrection of Jesus never happened. Not that I don’t believe it, but like that power isn’t impacting my every day life. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus and I, we talk all the time. We’re best friends. I try to surrender everything to Him and intentionally take every step only where He tells me to. But in the weak moments where my flesh wins out and as Paul says, “I do the things I hate.” (Romans 7:15), or in some cases, believe the lies of the enemy, I have to remember the power within me. I have to remember that when He hung there on the cross with nail pierced hands and blood pouring down, it wasn’t for all the times I would get it right. It was for all the times I would get it wrong. And this striving needs to be towards  Him, not towards making myself better or talking myself out of my own fear. Because He makes me better as His love transforms me and He gives me peace as I press into Him, it is not my feeble attempts that look like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) in comparison to the man who took my place with me in mind. Any attempt I make at getting it right outside of His power is a mockery to His sacrifice. And so I remind myself when the enemy tries to sneak in through the small spaces that are barely noticeable…as he tries to deceive me into believing that I’m too far out of reach – there is no such thing as impossible in regards to the blood of Jesus.

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