Knowing Jesus

We all come from different places that have built us and shaped us in one way or another. We’ve lived through different stories that have brought us to where we are and make up a much bigger story than what we can see. If you’ve read a decent amount of my writing before, you’ve probably caught the gist that I have been around Christians my whole life. I was blessed to be born and raised in a home with two of the most faithful servants and passionate Jesus lovers I will ever meet. Even so, there comes a place and time where what you’ve always been told collides with the reality of what you truly believe in your own heart. You understand that faith is something you choose, not something you inherit. Typically, when we think of “getting saved”, we think of saying a special prayer, walking forward during an alter call, or an exhausting emotional experience at youth camp. The reality of salvation is this: While no effort I put forth can save me, once I accept the work that He did, I have to be in pursuit of Jesus. It’s not only about the accepting, it’s about the embracing that leads to transforming. About a year ago, I read through Psalms and wrote out every single word that described the character of God. There were pages and pages and pages of descriptive words, ya’ll. I had no idea. It was so much bigger than anything I could wrap my head around. But there was one word out of all the adjectives in those 150 books that impacted me more than any other – enough. Jesus is enough. Despite the feeling that I am lacking and my constant plee to give me my hearts desires, He is enough.

The primary question of our human existence is not “Who is Jesus?”, but rather, “Who is Jesus to me?”

This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. John 17:3

The word “know” here translates to the Greek word “ginosko”or root word “gno”, meaning – to come to know, recognize, perceive

And thus is the beautiful reality of salvation. To come to know. Not that we must pursue Him to be saved, but rather that He saved us in order that we might pursue Him. Lately, when I have thought about knowing Jesus, I have thought about really knowing Him and what that looks like. Not knowing what people have told me or what I assume based on information I have collected or notes I have taken in Bible studies or college courses, but really knowing Him. While who Jesus is as a person is important, even the demons know who He is. But who is He to me? There is personal application here that changes everything. He is who He is, but how that affects me depends on how I react to the realization of who He is. There is no neutral ground with Jesus, you’re either walking towards Him or you’re walking away. I love that I crave time with Him. When I’m driving home from a long day at work, I want to curl up in a sweatshirt and read my Bible. When I’m overwhelmed, I want to go into my bedroom and close the door and share my heart with Him. When I’m overtaken by life’s hardness or His goodness, I want to sing lyrics that connect my heart to His. Not because I am good, but because His goodness is changing me. This is it, friends. This is what we were made for. Knowing Jesus. Really, personally, knowing Him. And while eternal life starts when we pass from this life, I think really it starts here. Here in our own hearts, posturing them more and more the way they will be when we bow before Him face to face and praise His glorious name forever and ever.

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