Rest Satisfied

The fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm. Proverbs 19:23

“Rests satisfied” – These two words wash over me like a sweet, warm, dream. Rest. Satisfied. What does that look like? Whoever has “it” rests satisfied. Has what? What is “it” that brings rest and gives satisfaction? Life. Naturally, the next question becomes how do I get it? How do I get life? I think this is what we’re all searching for, maybe we just don’t realize it. At the heart of every longing we have, this is the only way our desire is met. “The fear of the Lord leads to life”. The fear of the Lord. How does fear give life? This goes against every other thing scripture talks about. Fear is a lie of the enemy that brings death. But in this context, the word fear actually means reverence. In the New Testament, Jesus refers to Himself as life. (John 11:25, John 14:6) So really, reverence of God leads to life, or in other words, Jesus. I think there is so much truth tucked into this one verse. When we truly stand in awe of God, when we place our gaze and focus on all that He is, how can our soul not be at rest? The person who sprinkled stars across the sky, told the oceans where to stop, paints the leaves in the fall, has the earth spinning in the palm of His hand…how can I not rest knowing that I am His very favorite in all of creation? That His gaze is fixed upon me and He longs to be the truest desire of my heart. He will never fail me and wants to bless me. When I rest in knowing this, when I rest in knowing Him, then will my soul be satisfied. This is what I was created for. Resting in Him. Too often we’re consumed with “doing” for Him, when in reality so much of living for Him is resting in Him. My time with Him determines how empowered I become in my service to Him. Knowing Who He is makes me come alive because He is the reason I am alive. Everything else, every worry, every concern, everything I wish I had answers to and control over, the burden and weight of it all is completely lifted when I lay it down at the feet of King Jesus. And sometimes I have to remind myself to leave it there, to not pick it up again after I give it to Him. But there at His feet where I lay it down, this place of awe and wonder at the thought of Who He is, this place of knowing deep, deep down in the deepest depths of my heart that the King of the universe is handling my problems for me, this moment of meeting Jesus, this is life. This is where I rest satisfied. The reverence and adoration of Jesus leads me to His heart, where I find Him, where I find life. And there, I rest and am satisfied.

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