The Glorification of Gilmore

We’ve all seen it…swiping up as you make your way through your newsfeed and five different people have posted the teaser for  Netflix’s new release of their spin on Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life. You scroll through Pinterest and see sweatshirts and coffee cups with the infamous, “Luke’s Diner” logo. I’m telling you, these people are just as dedicated as the Potterheads and those who passionately want Katniss Everdeen with Gale instead of Peeta. (This is another conversation for another blog…) A few months ago my sister and I decided to start at square one. We started at the very first episode where the world was introduced to Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the seemingly picture perfect town of Stars Hollow in order to get the back story before watching A Year In The Life. I think that’s probably a piece of why it all seemed so wonderful – life in this town of Stars Hollow should only be simple and easy with it’s Andy Griffith like innocence. Unfortunately, despite it’s sweet illusions, Stars Hollow is nothing like Mayberry.

Last night as I was watching, Rory made a piercing comment on the phone with her mother Lorelai, “I’m so sick of Jesus”. She didn’t mean this because she had “tried” Jesus and it just wasn’t working for her. She just flat out didn’t want to hear about Him. I kept watching. I thought to myself, “Okay, so they’ve been making jabs towards Christians consistently throughout the seasons (Not even touching on the way they depict Lane’s mom to be Mrs. Hitler. I don’t think this is a coincidence seeing as how she’s the only outspoken believer on the show.), but they’re not believers, so how can we expect them to live like it?” And then it happened. I had actually been waiting for this episode since day one, because obviously Luke and Lorelai were made for each other and I might have googled what episode they started dating in…the last episode of season 4. Sadly, Luke and Lorelai kissing was not the juiciest thing that took place. Rory slept with her high school boyfriend, Dean. At 19. Unmarried, while he was married. And they kept trying to rationalize it…talking about how the circumstances are misunderstood. And she wrote him this letter talking about how it was wrong and they couldn’t be together because he was married, even though he was in love with her, but the night was perfect and she didn’t regret it. And I just couldn’t help but think, “Maybe this is how we ended up where we are.”

Ya’ll, I’m pretty positive every female connected to me via social networking has been living for this day ever since the news broke about the release of A Year In The Life. But when I spell it out like that – The 19 year old slept with her ex-boyfriend who was married and she didn’t regret it. How can we be okay with this? I mean, obviously we have Lorelai who has no problems hopping in and out of bed with whomever which is bad enough, but seriously? I’m struggling here. And please correct me if I’m somehow off base, but I just can’t help but think that maybe we are where we are as a society because we spend our free time entertaining ourselves with people who put themselves in situations like this and don’t feel bad about it. I’m not saying mistakes don’t happen. They do. A lot. We all make them. What I’m saying is, we have a 19 year old homewrecker who devastated a family and she’s not sorry about it. Maybe that’s too blunt. But it is what it is. And I only made it to the end of season 4…there are 7 seasons total not including what Netflix just released.

I could keep watching. For a half second it was slightly tempting only because everyone else is doing it and I feel like I’m the one who’s lost it since I’m apparently the only one who sees it. But I just can’t. I don’t want to watch them toss around witty lines about how silly Christianity is, how great Hillary Clinton is, and how the conversations about using protection stuck. Maybe you missed it, but those first two are a few lines of many that find themselves tucked into conversations multiple times throughout the show. And again, I only watched the first 4 seasons.

So, I’m choosing to stop the glorification of Gilmore. Until we do, all of these things will continue to run rampant in society. Which is expected, but more importantly, they’ll run rampant in the church. We cannot expect anything different when we’re living for the moment to sit down on the couch with our girlfriends and indulge in watching this behavior that so much offends Christ.  Me no longer watching the show is not going to change the world. But, it is going to impact mine. I’m not going to be filling my head with garbage. I’m not going to be blending in with the world around me who looks at me expecting me to be different. I’m not going to be setting a poor example to the teenage girls I lead who have this temptation knocking at their door to look for love in all the wrong places, kind of like Rory Gilmore. I just think we can do better than this. Until we stop glorifying the wrong things in our life, we cannot fully glorify Christ. We choose what we glorify, and sometimes we glorify it without even realizing it. Be aware of what’s taking up space in your mind and heart, because that’s what seeps out into your life and the lives of those around you.

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