In The Midst of Silence, We Can Trust

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. Psalms 138:8

In the midst of one of those days of begging God to speak to me…
speak anything…
just give me something…
so desperately hungry and eager to hear from Him…
As I was crying out, this was the verse that spoke to me. And my, how comforting it was.

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me:
It was said to me recently, “Life doesn’t begin at conception, it begins at God’s very first thought of you.” How beautiful. Every day of my life was planned before I ever even came into existence (Ps. 139:16), which means that He has it all planned out and nothing can slip through the cracks. He is so in control and so intentional it’s ridiculous. He is capable to handle everything that feels so far out of my control. How could I not trust Him? He is so for me that He had it taken care of before I physically arrived on the planet. The sovereignty of God is a concept that cannot be fathomed by our humanness.

Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever:
steadfast: fixed in direction; steadily directed, firm in purpose, unwavering, firmly fixed in place or position
AKA, You’re never going anywhere. You are consistent and faithful and everything I am not. Oh, my God, may we never become immune to the great love that You have poured out for us. So relentless, so endless. You are in constant pursuit of me. No matter how many times I replace You in my heart, You steadily woo me and draw me into Yours. So jealous for my attention. Everything that happens to me in this life is because You love me and You see it all. You know what I need and what is best for me, even if it doesn’t feel like the best for me in the moment.

Do not forsake the work of your hands:
This could not be a more personal plea, because this is me. I am the work of Your hands. You handcrafted me just to love You and be loved by You, and if this is the case, why would You leave me? You’re not just Creator God, You are Abba Father.

It is so crucial that we get this: The last verse in this chapter directly relates to the first verse. We come to this conclusion because of where we start, because of what we were created for.

I give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart… Psalms 138:1

I do not find it ironic that this is how the chapter begins. We must start from praise. We must start with our whole heart postured in such a way that we are consumed with thanks. When we are full of thanks simply for Who God is, we will be overflowing with trust because we rest in this truth. Thanks – feeding into trust – developing a deeper love – leading to obedience…it is a circle, one leading directly to the other.

He will fulfill His purpose, His love will never fail, and He will not forsake us.

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