Loving Your Future Husband Now

Let’s be real, heaven knows I’ve had a Pinterest board for my wedding for probably the last five years. Haven’t we all? So many girls spend time daydreaming about their future husband and what he will be like but rarely consider the fact that in this very moment, he is an actual person facing actual problems and hopefully striving to be all that God is calling him to be.

The reality is, sweet girl, while he is your future husband in the sense that things aren’t official or probably even known yet, he is, in every other sense, your husband now.

You see, all of these moments that he is living – the people he’s spending time with, the experiences he’s experiencing, the choices he’s making – they are making him the man he will be when he meets you.

Your prayers for him now, they’re shaping him. They’re protecting him. They’re helping him. You may not know his name, but he needs you just as much now as he ever will. He’s becoming your future. And you, his.

Pray that God would intentionally place him in situations that prepare him for your future together.
That he would be surrounded by people who push him closer to Jesus and propel him further into the man He’s calling him to be.
That he would stand strong, firm, and unwavering in the things that God has convicted him of in his heart.
That he would love recklessly but with intention, always putting the needs of others before himself, sharing the love of Jesus with everyone he interacts with.
That he would seek the Lord first in all things, having wisdom, discernment, and clarity, making choices that honor Him.
That he wouldn’t, even for a split second, be outside of the will of God.

I just think that it’s completely possible to love someone without knowing them, because love is a choice. It’s an action. And there is nothing more loving you can do for someone than pray boldly against the attack of the enemy in their life and specifically ask for God’s glory to reign in their heart and life as His love transforms them. Even right now, even when marriage feels so distant, you can choose to love him by being an active part of his life through prayer.

So, my dear, love him now and love him well.
Soon you shall meet the manifestation of everything you’ve hoped and prayed for in a husband for so long.

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