10 Question Nomination

Recently, I was nominated by a follower to answer 10 specific questions that she came up with. I think this has something to do with the blogging world, but really I figured it’d just be a great way for you to see inside my world for a bit. 😉

Thanks, @hellomaddss for the nomination.

#1 Why did you start your blog?
When I was 16, I was diagnosed with cancer. While I was in the hospital, more than any other gift people brought me, they would bring journals and pens. Laying in that hospital bed, one of those gift givers handed me a journal and said, “You have a gift, use it.” I started writing about my experience with cancer as I was walking through it and before I knew it people I didn’t even know began telling me how it was impacting them. I’ve written for as long as I can remember because writing is how I process, but that experienced caused me to take the writing I was doing for me and begin sharing it with the world.

#2 Where do you find inspiration every day (for your blog, life, pet dog)?
I try to find beauty in the small things – a smile from a stranger, snagging the last cute shirt in your size when it’s super marked down on clearance, cuddling with my puppy. In a deeper sense, God has blessed me with the people I’m surrounded with and each one inspires me to be better in a different way. It sounds cliche, but I cannot look to the love and grace of Jesus without being inspired. I can only see who I truly am in light of Who God is. I try to reflect often on the brevity of life and length of eternity. These things challenge me to be better. I tend to write about whatever it is I’m experiencing, so that is where most of my writing stems from.

#3 What was your first blog post about?
Honestly, I don’t remember what my first official blog post was about…dating and marriage, maybe?

#4 What do you like most about where you live?
love that we get to experience all four seasons! Also, I’m a half an hour from the beach and just a few hours from the mountains. (Both of which I love!) It’s the best of both worlds. And of course, it’s south of the Mason-Dixon. 😉

#5 What is one thing you would bring with you camping?
A crock-pot! (No, really.)

#6 What are you passionate about?
Loving people. Sitting down and listening to peoples’ stories and struggles and helping them work through it. Discipleship with teenage girls – letting them know that even though it feels like the world is ending, it’s not. Talking with teenagers about how “on purpose” their life is. How God knit them together in their mother’s womb and every single day of their life is planned. Teaching them that they are so loved. Helping women walk in their God given identity. Speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

#7 How would your parents/loved ones describe you and how would your best friend describe you?
If they could do it in one word, I think they would describe me the same way: Honest. Ha-ha!

#8 What is your fondest fall memory?
I have two: One is a camping trip with my sister and best friends to the Lurray Caverns (You have to go!). Another is a road-trip I took with my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, and best friends to the mountains. We went to an orchard and bought apple cider (served at our annual fall bonfire – another fave), took pictures in a pumpkin patch, and went to a Liberty University football game! GO FLAMES!

#9 What is your go to snack?

#10 What are your goals for your blog?
I want people to know that they’re not alone. We’re all broken and we all struggle. We each experience heartache and face confusion. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed by the goodness of God, and other times it feels like He’s not making good on His promises. We’re in this thing together – to remind each other that He is always good and He is always for us – even when we can’t see it and we don’t feel it. In those moments, I want people to see and feel Jesus despite how desperate they are. Where there’s hurt, may there be healing. Where there’s hopelessness, may they find hope. Where lies abound, may truth be spoken. Where discouragement seeps in, may encouragement seep deeper. Where there’s darkness, may there be light.
I want my blog to bring honest transparency, conviction and challenge drenched in the grace and mercy of Christ with a few fun posts sprinkled in between. Because that’s real life.
All of it, always, for the glory of King Jesus.

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