10 Prayers For My Husband

Spending a lot time with teenage girls, one of the biggest struggles we talk about is being single while their friends are in relationships. If we’re honest, this isn’t only something teenagers deal with. It’s something most singles deal with.

Whenever I find myself talking with a young woman who is struggling with the hope that she will one day be married, I challenge her to pray for her husband. First of all, it takes the focus off of her. Secondly, it makes him much more real.

That has been the most beautiful thing about this whole journey. I love my husband deeply even though I don’t know him, simply because I’ve already invested years worth of prayers into him and into our relationship.

This has had a significant impact on my life and my perspective and I am so excited for the day when I get to see the fruit of how it has also impacted his.

No, not every single person is going to end up married. But most of us will. And no, it’s not the point of life or the key to happiness. But it is the biggest choice we’ll ever make outside of choosing Jesus. So, praying about it is pretty important.

Tip: Pray specifically!

While I pray many things over my husband, here are 10 of them you can pray over yours too:

  1. I pray that despite the pain he’s been through in the past, he will find healing.
  2. I pray that You will anoint His words and He will use them wisely to build others up, not tear them down, even if it’s unintentional.
  3. I pray that he will surround himself with people who challenge him to grow and push him closer to You and that he will distance himself from those who hinder growth.
  4. I pray that he will stand strong, firm, and unwavering on the things You’ve convicted him of in his heart.
  5. I pray that he will have a humble servants heart, willingly serving You and all of those around him.
  6. I pray that he will passionately seek You at all times with all of his heart.
  7. I pray against the attack of the enemy in his life, that Your will would prevail.
  8. I pray that You will give him supernatural wisdom, discernment, and clarity in every area and in every choice. That he will remain in the center of Your will.
  9. I pray that You will give him the strength he needs to resist the temptation he is presented with.
  10. I pray that you will mold his heart to be the man, friend, husband, dad, and leader you’re calling him to be. Intentionally bring people into his life and place him in situations and circumstances that will prepare and equip him for the future you have for him and for us.

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