When Planning Life Doesn’t Work

In high school, I had a plan. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was wiring everything in my life together to fit the future I saw for myself.

If you had told me then that literally nothing I dreamed of was going to come to fruition in the season I expected – that every aspect of what I planned was going to change – I wouldn’t have believed you.

Because I believed God and I believed that what I wanted was what God was going to orchestrate in my life. But it wasn’t. And I am still learning how to believe God even when what I believe will happen, doesn’t. I’m resting in knowing that what I believe about God says the most about me, not Him.

Eventually, you will praise God for not giving you everything you thought you wanted.

Because I didn’t get what I asked for, there are gifts that have been unearthed within me that would’ve remained buried and undiscovered for potentially my entire life.

I’ve been given opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to take had I been where I originally wanted to be.

God revealed passions that I didn’t know were there that have led to life-changing career choices.

I look around and see friends and mentors I would have never even met…

All of this a result of ending up where I didn’t ask to be. All of it replacing what I wanted in this season because God knew what He wanted for me in this season.

And to be honest, it grieves me to think about how different my life would be if God had answered my prayers the way that I had asked Him to.

I am not the same person I was however many years ago.

My life took a totally different path, and when I think about the things the Lord has done, the people that have been touched, how I have been touched, I take my frustration over not being where I think I should be and I hand it over to Him.

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