The Most Important Question In Life

We’re so good at it, this putting on a smile and flinging our arms wide open for a hug or reaching out for a handshake. Instinctively asking people how they are without actually walking away from the conversation knowing what’s going on in their world. We’re so good at making people feel like they’ve been invited in when really we’re standing behind closed doors.

Maybe we know we haven’t been invited in, but we’re okay with it because if other people were vulnerable then we would have to be too. So, instead of actually “doing life” together like we so proudly claim we do, we mostly just “put on” life together. We go through the motions instead of going through real life. We stand beside each other to take cute pictures for social media but have no idea what it means to stand beside each other in the midst of chaos. Walking side by side in the shallow end of the water instead of swimming out deeper where freedom and adventure are really found. We play it safe – risking nothing for the fear of…you fill in the blank. Rejection? Disappointment?

In the midst of risking nothing, we miss out on everything.

What I’ve learned in working with young teenage girls, women who have been past the “middle aged” bracket for quite some time, and those who are in between, is that really, deep down we’re all the same. We’re mostly all struggling with something at some capacity. Sometimes it’s bigger or deeper or more overwhelming than other times. But at our core, when we’re told that we have value and we’re important and our life has meaning and purpose and Jesus loves us, we passionately nod our heads up and down with a well worn smile that says, “Thanks for the reminder, but how could I not know that?

We have to get real with each other. We have to go deeper.

Do you know Jesus loves you or do you feel it?

We think the most important question in life is, “Who is Jesus?”

But it’s not. The most important question in life is,

“Who is Jesus to me?”

Is Jesus more than just a name to you?
How has Who Jesus is impacted your life?
How is Who Jesus is impacting your life right now in this moment?

We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the deeper things…the broken things, the uncomfortable things, the things that we feel we should hide. But we are. So let’s challenge ourselves to go there, friend. Let’s be honest. Let’s help each other navigate our quest to a deeper understanding of Who Jesus is.

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