Off Stage Ministry

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how weird it is to be a believer during this specific moment in history. Pick any time period in the books and I’m sure all of the other people who have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior and made it their life mission to share the gospel have probably said the same thing.

But here is what is so interesting about where we’re at right now…months ago, before the world had ever heard of anything called COVID-19, I wrote these words:

“We can’t just do ministry on stages and behind screens, we have to do ministry within the walls of our homes.

We have to do it within the walls of our churches and coffee shops and restaurants.

I don’t want to “do ministry” because I’m good at it or it fits my personality or even because it helps me accomplish something full of meaning and purpose. I want there to be no other option because of how Jesus has impacted me.”

Isn’t it funny how God took us back to the beginning? Back where it is all birthed from? He allowed circumstances to take place that forced us into our own homes and gave us the opportunity to take a long hard look at who we really are and how we really operate. Because if we can’t “do ministry” there – if we can’t minister to those who do life the most closely to us, our ministry is nothing.

At the beginning of COVID-19, I felt a very strong prompt from the Holy Spirit: God can’t do a new thing in the life of the church if He’s not doing a new thing in the life of those who make up the church.

I think whenever we lose sight of that…whenever it becomes more about seeing how successful we can be at reaching online numbers and filling seats at events, we start to not only lose ourselves in the name of ministry, but we lose the gospel. It gets lost in the midst of the details we prioritize over the people because we’re so certain it’s the details that keep it all together.

So, as we “phase back” into whatever “normal” is going to look like, I hope we don’t forget that every avenue of ministry in our life ultimately leads back to the ministry that takes place in our home.

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