Off Stage Ministry

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how weird it is to be a believer during this specific moment in history. Pick any time period in the books and I’m sure all of the other people who have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior and made it their life mission to share the gospel have probably said … More Off Stage Ministry

The God of Enough

If there’s one thing that is consistent about my personality, it is my desire to know the future. I want the answers so that I can make plans in order to get where God is taking me. There have been moments I’ve found myself praying, “God, just show me which way to go and I’m … More The God of Enough

Even Now I Know

As I sat in the chair close to the window where morning light usually peaks through to meet me, the passage my heart was absorbing felt as familiar as the warm taste of coffee hugging my senses. At first, as my eyes traced the words, I tried to avoid the previously dated notes from years … More Even Now I Know

10 Things I’ve Learned in the 10 Years Since My Cancer Diagnosis

It’s really interesting entering into a brand new decade and leaving one behind. I’ve never experienced it as an adult, and now with the age of social media, it seems people are reflecting and sharing a lot more. What’s even more interesting is that for me, this new decade marks an exact decade since being … More 10 Things I’ve Learned in the 10 Years Since My Cancer Diagnosis